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Brief Introduction of the 2nd Digital China Summit

Sponsored by: National Internet Information Office, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Fujian Provincial Peoples Government

Organized by: Fujian Provincial Leading Group Office of Digital Fujian Construction, Fujian Provincial Internet Information Office, and Fuzhou Municipal Peoples Government

Basic Information:

        The 2nd Digital China Summit is scheduled to be held in Fuzhou city of Fujian province from May 6 to 8, 2019.

The theme of this Summit is“fully implementing the new development philosophy, using IT application to foster new growth drivers, making further progress, and achieving greater success”. The main positioning of the Summit is to serve as a platform: (1) for issuing Chinas policies on informatization development; (2) for displaying achievements of e-government affairs and digital economy; (3) for the exchange of theoretical and practical experience in building a digital China; (4) for people at home and abroad to establish cooperation and contribute to the digital China construction.

        Following the Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Summit will fully implement the strategic deployment laid out by the 19th National Congress of the CPC on Strengthening Chinas cyberspace, building a digital China and a smart society by launching a number of activities. It will issue major polices on national informatization development and make policy interpretation. It will launch targeted seminars for finding out solutions centering on critical, difficult and hotspot issues of e-government affairs, digital economy, and digital ecology. To uplift the digital China construction to a higher level, it will launch a batch of key construction projects and platforms, promote a host of typical examples and the signing of key cooperation agreements.

        The agenda mainly consists of 7 parts: the opening ceremony, main forums, sub-forums, digital China exhibition, policy release, digital China innovation contest and the closing ceremony. Among them, the sub-forums are set up with 12 themes, namely, “E-government Affairs”, “Digital Economy”, “Intelligent Society”, “Big Data”, “Industrial Internet”, “Digital Fujian”, “Digital Maritime Silk Road”, “IoT”, “Digital Ecology”, “Digital Health”, “Satellite Application”, and “Network Technology”.